About the Competition

Using the knowledge you have gained from the week of speaker events, pick a topic that was discussed by any of the speakers that you found interesting and create a form of media in one of the three categories with the purpose of conveying the concept to students in an interesting, unique, and engaging way. 


What to Build

Participants have the choice of creating a project in one of the three categories:

  • Video
    • 3 - 5 minutes long
    • Convey the concept in an interesting + educational way
    • Include animations, props, etc 
    • Must be understandable for middle-high schoolers
  • Infographic/visual art
    • Up to 3 pages 
    • Convey the concept in an eye-catching/interesting and educational way
    • Understandable for middle-high schoolers
    • Use images, text, animations 
    • Use any art media (watercolor, colored pencil, etc)
    • Submit by scanning
  • Website/game
    • GitHub repo link OR URL OR upload raw code files
    • Include interactive features, text, images, etc
    • Avoid including infographic/video embedded in website

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Max Kalik

Max Kalik
Software Engineer at Triumph Labs

Dmitry Khorev

Dmitry Khorev
Software Engineer at Mero

Valentine Shkulov

Valentine Shkulov

Judging Criteria

  • Engaging
    How compelling is it? Can the student interact with the media in any way?
  • Unique
  • Satisfy all project requirements

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